Product Review: Lookah Python Concentrate Wax Vape

I'm a Lookah Python user, and I love it. It's durable, easy to use, and produces great vapor. I highly recommend it to both beginners and experienced dabbers.

Product Review: Lookah Python Concentrate Wax Vape - American 420 SmokeShop

I've been using the Lookah Python Concentrate Wax Vaporizer for a few days now and I'm really impressed with it. It's a durable and well-built vape that produces great vapor.

I love the serpentine textured shell on the Python. It makes it really easy to grip and operate, even with one hand. The flip-top design is also really convenient for loading and unloading the atomizer coil.

The Python has three variable voltage settings, which is great for customizing my vaping experience. I usually start on the lowest setting and then work my way up depending on how big of a cloud I want.

The battery life on the Python is also really good. I can usually get a full day of use out of it on a single charge. And when I do need to charge it, the USB-C fast charging is a lifesaver.

Overall, I'm really happy with the Lookah Python wax vape. It's a durable, easy-to-use vape that produces great vapor. I would definitely recommend it to other dabbers.

What I like about the Lookah Python

  • Durable and well-built
  • Produces great vapor
  • Serpentine textured shell for easy grip and operation
  • Flip-top design for easy loading and unloading of the atomizer coil
  • Three variable voltage settings
  • Good battery life
  • USB-C fast charging

What I don't like about the Lookah Pyphon

  • Mouthpiece can get hot after prolonged use
  • A bit on the heavier side

About the Lookah Python Coils

One of the things I love about the Python is that it uses the Lookah 710 atomizer coils. I am not sure all the Python come with the same type of the coil atomizer, but mine was with the Type D. The extra quartz coil was also the type D.

The 710 coils have 4 different types, and I feel each slightly different with the Pyphon. If you want to try all, the type M is the best option because it comes with one each types. 

In my option, the type A quartz coil is made with a dish quartz plate that provides even heat and better flavor profiles. It's also compatible with Lookah Swordfish, Dragon Egg, Seahorse X, and more, so I have plenty of options to choose from.

I've tried a few different Lookah 710 atomizer coils so far, and my favorite is the dish quartz coil, type A. It produces big, flavorful clouds of vapor with high temp. With low temp, it gives you the best taste of your concentrates, and it's really easy to use.

Where Can You Buy the Lookah Python?

You can buy the Lookah Python on our site from the link here at $63.99 including Free Shipping!


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