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Stache RIO Rig-In-One Dab Rig $159.99
All About Stache RIO Rig-In-One Dab e-Rig: Stache RIO Rig-In-One Dab Rig, designed for portability and ease, brings the at-home feel with it. The RiO is fueled by a butane flame, in contrast to the majority of portable vaporizers available today. No Battery, No Coil, No Problem. The RiO is now the best tool for cold starting since it places the torch beneath the quartz removing the hassle of holding while you enjoy your dabbing session. Introduction for Stache RIO Rig-In-One Dab Rig:   Device Features: Showerhead Perc Attached to 14mm Boro Glass Micro Dab Rig Bubbler No Battery or Coils Needed Overflow Valve overflow dab Built-in Torch Holder/Slot For Cold-Start-Dabbing Comes with Zip-up Carrying/Travel Bag Multiple Colors available Device Specifications: Material: Borosilicate Glass Manufacturer: Stache Package Inclusion: 1x Borosilicate Glass Micro Rig Bubbler with Shower-head Perc (14mm Female) 1x Quartz Banger (14mm Male) 1x RIO Matte Color Base (color variant of your choice) 1x Matching Color Torch with Control Valve 1x Stache Bubble Carb Cap 1x Dab Tool 1x Premium matching color Travel Case with Eva Foam * All BONGS/BUBBLER/PIPE are well packed to avoid being broken upon delivery

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